Enderby Warren Golf Society

Monthly Stableford Competition 2018

This season the Monthly Stableford Prize will be a £10 voucher that can be spent in the golf shop.

Monthly Stableford Competition - Season 2018

The Monthly Stableford Competition runs from March till October and is played over 18 holes.  Members may enter as many times as they wish during the month and the member with the highest points will be declared the winner for that month.

Stablefords are played off full handicaps.

Note the use of Golf GPS Rangefinders is permitted

The cost of entry is £1 payable before you play by purchasing a signed competition card at the Pro’s shop.

Your card must be clearly and correctly filled in, in block capitals, with the scores, the name of the competition (Stableford), the name of the competitor with their handicap, the person who marked the card with their handicap and the date played.

The score for the competitor, identified as Player ‘A’, goes in the Gross Score Player ‘A’ column, their net score in the Nett Score column and points in the Points or result column

The Gross Score of the person who marked the card, identified as Player ‘B’, goes in the Markers Score column.

If the person who marked the card, identified as Player ‘B’, is playing a casual game then the word ‘Witness only’ should be written in the Markers Score column, not their scores.

Completed cards, duly signed, should be returned to the Pro’s shop where they will be placed in the Society Box.  Please ensure the cards are filled in correctly to avoid disqualification.

The games are scored as follows:

·         Net Single Bogey – 1 point

·         Net Par – 2 points

·         Net Birdie – 3 points

·         Net Eagle – 4 points

·         Net Albatross – 5 points

In the event of two or more players having the same highest amount of points, the winner will be determined by count back, first over the last nine holes, then over the last 6 holes, then over the last 3 holes then over the 18th hole, then in order from 1st hole, to 2nd hole etc. up to the 9th hole, whichever determines the winner first.  If there is still a tie, i.e. players have identical cards then the Committee have a problem!

All trophies will be given out at the Society’s Annual Presentation Evening, which we hope you will attend.

Any problems please contact Keith Gotch, 0116 2878777 or 07751 998228, or another committee member.

The Committee would encourage all members to take part in at least two Stableford competitions during the 2016 season.

Here are the results so far:

March Stableford Results

Congratulations to Kev Roberts

Memorial Cup Results

April Stableford Results - The Memorial Cup

April's competition will be known as the Memorial Cup and will have its own trophy to be played for annually. All proceeds from the competition will be donated to a worthy charity of the winner’s choice. All members are urged to give this new competition their utmost support.

Congratulations to Michael Martin



May Stableford Results

Congratulations to Andrew Cooke

June Stableford Results

Congratulations to Andy Clarke with a score of 40 points

July Stableford Results

Congratulations to Mike Staunton with a score of 40 points


August Stableford Results

Congratulations to

September Fur'n'Feather Results

Congratulations to 

October Stableford Results

Congratulations to