Enderby Warren Golf Society

Ryder Pairs Competition 2017

The Ryder Pairs Competition was introduced three years ago as a new addition to the four main competitions and is played in doubles. It proved to be a very popular and a really fun competition. We hope that all Members will want to ‘have a go’ this year.

The rules are as follows:-

The cost to enter the competition is £2.00 per player, per game played.

The game is played as followed:  Greensomes

Matchplay game for teams of two where both partners ‘Tee Off’ and they choose the best drive and then play alternate shots for the rest of hole as in foursomes. Each partner must have used at least 6 drives each in the 18 holes.

For handicap matchplay, take the combined handicaps of both teams (each pair of players adds their handicaps together and then half the total) and the lower pair gives the higher pair the difference.

Pairs will be arranged with one being a High Handicap (21-36) and one a Low Handicap (0-20)

Pairs will be randomly selected and published on the Competition Noticeboard.


This is a Match Play Knockout Competition.  In the event of a tie after playing 18 holes the teams should play a further hole or holes until a result is achieved.

The Committee hopes that those entering will enjoy the spirit of the competition.

Note the use of Golf GPS Rangefinders is permitted

 Any problems please contact Keith Gotch  either via telephone (01162878777) or (07751998228) or via email gotchkeith@yahoo.co.uk